I have asked Brian Ferry to share some of his favourite books here on the blog, the ones he comes back to again and again. I feel like Brian doesn't really need an introduction. I'll just say that his photographs have a special feel to them, particular kind of beauty that I greatly admire, and Brian's book 'Quality of Life' is currently on my coffee table (or rather a crate that functions as a coffee table, to be completely transparent about this). If you don't read Brian's blog yet, I highly recommend it, for the photographs of course, but also for his thoughts on photography and everything around it.

All the images below and words by Brian W. Ferry. More to come in the following weeks. Thanks Brian, I loved reading about your favourites!

Neue Welt - Wolfgang Tillmans (published by Taschen, 2012)

The title translates to "New World" and this is a large book of photographs assembled by Tillmans that speak about his view of contemporary life and society, seen through images he makes of certain motifs and fragments of the world around him.  It has everything – people, industrial products, machinery, architecture, plant and animal life, etc. What's astounding to me is the way Tillmans has put together such a large group of seemingly disparate photos in a way that feels slightly unnerving and but incredibly observant.  o much to be inspired by here – colors, details, and the many things that Tillmans casts his eyes upon.  This book pushes me up against humanity & contemporary society in a visceral and beautiful way.